Marketing & Business Strategies

WitMark Group looks at the business and marketing strategy as a whole. We evaluate your revenue goals, profit and loss, sales segments, accountability, your current customers, new customer acquisition, and market climates and how these impact your marketing strategy.

We develop a comprehensive analysis of your business based on Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats and an evaluation with company stakeholders.

We determine all business and sales goals in keeping with how they relate to your brand, sales strategy, marketing message/s, and advertising spends, as well as demographic, geographic and psycho-graphic factors.  We evaluate the markets you operate in and any impacting elements including relevant research on your competition. New market or current market analysis. We develop business plans, annual marketing strategies and track monthly ROI and CPA’s based on expenditures. We also supply executive reviews.  We develop annual budgets, sales projections and expenses, marketing budgets and determine dynamic factors to meet the changing. We can audit existing expenditures and make recommendations for new implementations.  We analyze your online footprint and build interactive strategies for engagement and development.

Sample Work:

We can support the launch of new endeavors and determine effectiveness.

When working with clients, we evaluate the ins and outs of business to marketing efficiently and effectively.

From business plans to marketing plans, we work together with clients to create long term directives that ensure success.