Tracking, Audits and Research


We use many mediums to track results and growth year to year: analytic data, revenues month to month, incoming leads based on call tracking, email and website events. We create monthly reports to keep clients updated on the progress and effectiveness of campaigns.  By doing this, we can measure marketing efforts!

We use both long and short term strategies to generate traction.  Branding a company for top of mind awareness in the long term will lead to increased revenues when a company is consistent with its messaging and marketing.   A short term call to action can also net quick results. We always recommend a minimum six month period to truly evaluation a campaigns effectiveness and our tracking helps monitor this.


We practice regular audits of a client’s campaigns and sales. This is about accountability for the money being spent.  Because of our unique process, we are often hired to audit other marketers campaigns. In-fact we’ve been hired to audit other ad agencies campaigns by the ad agency themselves!   Whatever the challenge – we look at all effortsand come up with the most effective solutions.

Planning & Research:

We allocate dollars for research and planning annually. Most of this budget focuses on annual planning and competitive research but some dollars are spread throughout the year to continue to source competitive and tracking. We search local advertising, top search keywords and online footprint, the Better Business Bureau, Marshall Marketing, Borrell and a variety of other data to properly understand our client’s market.  Of course, we also look at demographics, financial changes, geographic shifts, economic climate, pyschographics, etc.  to create a complete picture of the landscape our clients operate in.

Our Unique Approach

We are consistently monitoring efforts to ensure efficient marketing.

Whether starting a relationship with a client or monitoring progress, we are thorough in how we research each business.

Market research is essential. We work closely with each client to understand the environment in which they operate.