Public Relations

Behind any good media strategy is a strong message that truly represents the client. We work closely with our clients to define their story in a succinct and compelling way. This messaging should be consistent and then developed for potential customers, current customers, internal leadership, and staff.

Our team generates campaign-specific content and non-campaign specific content for clients. As the name implies, campaign-specific content is developed in accordance with, or in support of, an overall marketing or PR campaign. Non-campaign specific content consists of content that is not related to a specific campaign but may be supportive of the organization’s overall mission. Campaign-specific content is scheduled and planned based on a campaign roll out. Non-campaign specific content is not. Instead it is timely, newsworthy, and supportive of the organizations goals. Additionally, we create content in the form of infographics, blog posts, videos, landing pages, and more.

PR is not only about media hits. It is about a general presence in the community. Of course, we craft press releases, pitch key media targets, and plan events that generate exposure for the client. More than that, the goal of all our PR strategies is to build credibility, to establish key players – or the brand itself – as experts in its industry, and to gain brand exposure. This is done through traditional media, social media, digital media, and community events.

At the core of our PR services, we want to earn the trust of a client’s customer and use this trust to generate long-term business success.

What’s Newsworthy?

Our team introduces your team to the community… and lets them know how smart you are!

Part of our job is to get create parties and special events.  That doesn’t sound too bad, does it?

Whether you need to prep before going in front of the camera or for an unforeseen incident, we help prep your team.