We often find that as the environment changes around us our needs do as well. The WitMark team was curious about exploring how our App preferences have changed during the quarantine period and here’s what we discovered:

Karissa: In my personal life, I’ve definitely been using more TikTok. I pretty much joined the bandwagon and got it because I saw that it was a fun thing people were doing to pass the time indoors. My most used professional app would have to be Gmail and Google Calendar. I am constantly using this app to communicate with others, set up appointments and events.

Alyse:  I’ve been using TikTok because it’s highly addictive and very entertaining! I also love getting creative with my own TikTok videos. Hours of endless entertainment! (to be specific, almost 14 hours a week lol). My favorite professional app is Adobe Lightroom. I use it to edit social graphics for WitMark clients and I use it for my photography. There are so many useful features that help me achieve my desired look and feel. I would highly recommend this app to other creators and marketers out there because it is a wonderful creative tool!

Lenet: My most used app during the quarantine is YouTube, aka the gateway into the best playlists for undefined/new genres in the music world (besides SoundCloud)! Right now, my favorite YouTube music playlists are anything with lofi, hip hop, jazz hop, or chill hop. Definitely a great way to discover new music during the quarantine! The app I use most in my professional life is a tie between Slack and Lightroom. Slack keeps me connected with the team, and Lightroom mobile lets me edit my photos on my phone before sending them to someone else on the team or quickly uploading to another social platform!

My technology life has not changed that much since COVID happened. I have always been a heavy user of available communication tools, and have been fortunate to be surrounded over my career life with people on the cutting edge. They have been more than ready to share as they find new things and that makes bridging distances or creating efficiencies and increasing revenues or decreasing expenses readily available. Video chat, sharing, etc.. has been apart of my work life for years. Media, tech and the movie industry have all the toys! Google, Facebook, and Text, as well as Slack, seem to carry big loads for me now. What has changed is my personal life, It never really occurred to me to Skype, Facetime or Facebook video chat with my family and friends around the country for any social time. I don’t know why? We communicate extensively via text and voice to voice calls. When we can, we always travel to see each other and spend holidays, weekends and time together. I have now spent two holidays and countless evenings on Zoom and the aforementioned platforms to comfort, check-in, talk and laugh with family and friends. I know this time will come to a close ( sooner than later I hope!) but I want to move forward with the good things that have come out of this time; like connecting in a whole new way with the people that mean so much to me, including our wonderful staff and contractors! Stay healthy and safe out there, see ya on video! 

Marjorie: Slack is my main communication tool and really helps me feel connected to my team, especially when we are all working remotely. The latest update allows us to easily add gifs so we can maintain some of the fun and humor that we usually have when in the office together. It was probably the same tool I used before as well but now it is even more important to me! As for my personal apps– Wordscapes and Instagram. Wordscapes is my nightly escape because I have a lot more free time and need something to occupy my brain. Instagram is definitely my escape and a great place to find COVID memes.  Before COVID, I was not playing any games on my phone and probably had Team Snap or Team Manager open a lot because of my daughter’s busy softball schedule.  Of course, Instagram, was a top app even before this quarantine given what we do professionally and how fun it is to use personally.

Kristin: My favorite personal app is Reddit. I can find local, political and world news in one place PLUS awesome memes. As for my choice for the favorite professional app– Trello for the WIN!

Ariel: Marco… Polo! My family and I have been using Marco Polo to keep in touch with my daughter’s teacher and the kids in her class. It’s super fun and easy to use!


Quarantine has been tough, but technology has proven to be a great way to keep ourselves entertained, informed, and united! What apps have you found yourself using more of during this time?