WitMark’s favorite holiday (yes, we said holiday) might be Super Bowl! Of course, we are huge sports fans but since none of our teams showed up this year (ahem.. Niners!) we are just going to talk about the ads.

Our crew shared their favorites.

Marj loves the Stella Artois’ Change Up The Usual spot featuring Carrie Bradshaw, The Dude, and – taking a page from Sprint’s playbook – Dos Equis’ Most Interesting Man in the World.  You have to love when a competitor jumps in and snakes a brand’s former front man. Check the ad out for yourself and #PourItForward. 

Mercedes needed a win given that the Super Bowl was held at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium.  We think they did a great job speaking to a younger audience, who are the clear targets for their Mercedes A-Class model. Plus, they successfully tied in Ludacris, Wile E. Coyote, and Free Willy! Our html and design guru loved this spot. 

It’s no surprise that our strategist loved the Audi spot. He IS always looking into the future, so it makes sense! We have to admit, that concept car is to die for! Check out this spot and you will understand why it is called Cashew. 

Some spots may just speak to you which is probably why our web developer, Angel (the newest dad on our team) loved the Pampers spot. With a beautiful 4 month old boy, he could really relate to the stinky baby! It is clear that when an ad can be relatable, it can speak to the target audience. All new parents must check it out!  

Cross marketing opportunities can be hit or miss but Bud Light didn’t disappoint with its GoT spot.  Bud Light was able to incorporate its latest campaign, and a few Dilly Dillies, and keep audiences fully engaged as it dramatically featured the Game of Thrones brand.  It was intense, and creative, and a top spot in our opinion.  

One of the best ads of all had to be the NFL’s spot, The 100 Year Game. This ad celebrates the 100th NFL season. What a better way to do this than by featuring so many sports legends. The best part of the spot, in my opinion, was Sam Gordon (yes, Marj Googled her right after the spot. Side note: Sam is a teen, female football player. Look her up!) Check out the spot. 

If you missed any of the 2019 Super Bowl spots, USA Today compiled a list in the order they aired.

Can’t wait for 2020’s game. (C’mon Niners!!)