The one thing in media culture that stays the same is that it is always evolving. Trends happen anywhere in life, whether it’s fashion, communications, or even architecture. Trends attract people, and people attract conversations. In this article, we’ll look at the major trends we are predicting this year.


  1. The Rise Of Social Commerce


We’re all familiar with ecommerce, but you have probably now been exposed to a newer shopping trend – being able to buy all of the products you want, straight from your social media feeds. 


Social commerce involves the actions of buying and selling products directly through a social media platform. With the rise of user generated content endorsing products, social commerce has become increasingly popular. Today’s shoppers have embodied an “I want it, I got it” attitude, especially by having products readily available to buy on their feeds.


To capitalize on this trend, social media platforms have been introducing and enhancing new shopping features. For example, Instagram Shops and Checkout allow companies to offer options for fast and direct purchasing to customers. Pinterest has also introduced its own shop tab for shopping via product pins.


  1. Short-Form Video Dominates 


TikTok might have gotten the ball rolling on short-form video, but over the past few years other social media platforms are catching up. Soon after TikTok flexed its short form video muscle, Instagram introduced its “Reels” feature and Facebook’s “Stories” also saw the rise in usage of short videos.


The continued demand for more videos is nothing new. However, shorter form videos continues to be a focus. Rather than a lengthy informational video, opt for a shorter attention grabbing video. Think about upgrading your short-form video strategy this year for optimal results!


  1. Personalized Ads Thrive


Social media perusers are increasingly on the hunt for more engaging, personalized experiences when looking at brands. Today’s users are more likely to make a purchase when they believe the marketing efforts of a brand are personalized to their needs. 


With Facebook ads growing increasingly more expensive, companies will need to take extra steps to make sure they’re using hyper-aware targeting strategies to “personalize” their campaigns. Leveraging dynamic content which changes based on what customers have already searched for on your website is an excellent start.

Regardless, there are always changes in trends entering and exiting the marketing world, remember that knowing your target market is should always be the top priority of any strategy. If the coming trends make sense for your business, consider giving them a try!

From everyone at WitMark, we wish you the best start of 2023!