With the rise of countless media platforms, it can seem daunting to know which one to dedicate your time and effort, while hoping it will result in effective marketing. Compared with Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, LinkedIn can often be overlooked when creating a social media strategy. With 660 million avid users, businesses should really consider the power of LinkedIn from a marketing standpoint. Our beginner’s guide to LinkedIn marketing will help you tap into its potential. 


Make sure your company page information is up to date 

LinkedIn is an excellent way to increase traffic and leads for your company. To maximize this potential, make sure that your company’s information is correct. Review the bio, location, and contact information for accuracy. If a customer, possible partner, or future employee comes across your company’s page and information is missing, making it difficult to contact you, the company may lose a sense of credibility. On the other hand, if your LinkedIn page is engaging and accurate, this will increase leads and traffic and bolster your brand. Also, a regularly updated page will assist with search engine optimization ranking. 


Create and post quality content 

Posting through LinkedIn is a great way to gain exposure for your business. If a post begins to see visibility with increased likes and comments, there is a possibility that LinkedIn will spotlight the post in their specific categories. When LinkedIn spotlights a post, it has the potential to be viewed by thousands of people. When a person engages – through comments, likes, or shares – this post will also show in the newsfeed of their followers, allowing the post to be received by a much wider audience.


Check your messages and connection requests frequently 

Often, people who want to connect with your company will send requests to the founders or employees. The messaging feature is a great way to create beneficial connections outside of your usual circle. By checking your messages and expediently following up, new opportunities may arise for your company, such as new business deals, prospects, possible employees, and much more. 


Maximize your SEO

Search engine optimization tactics are a great way to increase your company’s presence on LinkedIn. To do this, make sure to use rich keywords in your description that are highly relevant to your business and are consistent across all platforms. Also, to optimize SEO, create backlinks that link back to your company’s page, blogs, and other content and ensure that your page is updated regularly. 


Create LinkedIn Ad campaigns 

Use LinkedIn’s ad campaign service to meet your company’s advertising goals. With campaign objectives such as traffic, leads, brand awareness, and more, running advertisements on LinkedIn can allow you to tap into an optimized target market. The LinkedIn budget may be a bit higher than other platforms you are used to advertising on but consider the target-rich environment and how curated the audience may be, depending on your brand. 


LinkedIn supports SEO, provides opportunities for increased traffic, creates brand awareness, and generates valuable leads.  If you have not yet explored LinkedIn as part of your marketing strategy be sure to start by using our guide. For questions on other LinkedIn best practices, contact us!