Think About the Client

When you begin developing your pitch, start by thinking about the client and the message they want to convey. Who wants to hear this story and why? The goal is to define a story in a concise and compelling way, secure coverage based on the client’s communication and PR goals, and deliver the content to relevant target audiences.

Building a Media List

Your media list should be tailored to each pitch. Take the time to find out which media outlets are most important to your company (Print, Broadcast, Digital) and research the appropriate journalists that write about topics in your industry. Are they a good fit for the story or news you want to share?

Once you have developed this focused media list, you need to execute an outreach strategy that helps build long term relationships. Be respectful and mindful. A successful media relationship is one that is a partnership.

The Pitch Process

When you pitch media, think about how to deliver the information. For most reporters, an initial email is appropriate. But, don’t waste their time. Create a thoughtful and direct subject line, followed by content that is compelling and informative. Among other things, keep in mind some basic Dos and Don’ts:

  • Don’t use all caps in email/subject line to make the pitch more important
  • Don’t just attach your release or link it to an online press section
  • Don’t keep emailing the release if you don’t get a response
  • Do make each email personal, show that you are familiar with the reporter
  • Do be succinct and interesting
  • Do understand who the journalist is and what they cover.

Taking a strategic approach when pitching a newsworthy story can create great publicity and long term partnerships.  The WitMark PR team has spent years developing relationships with media to generate publicity for our clients. We craft press releases, pitch key media targets, and plan events that generate exposure for the client. At the core of our PR services, we want to earn the trust of a client’s customer and use this trust to generate long-term business success. If you have questions about how we can help you grow earned media exposure, let’s connect!