Due to recent events, our new way of living has shifted our leisure time towards at home entertainment and, of course, many people are binge watching TV shows and movies on a number of streaming platforms. Having said that, the WitMark team would like to share our movie and TV show recommendations for your next binge sesh! 

ALLISON: There have been a variety of binges going in my house, everything from Never Have I Ever to The Last Kingdom, and shamefully, I admit to watching the Tiger King. Who can resist the insanity? We watch documentaries, comedies, docudramas, and too much news from all mediums. Needless to say, COVID-19 is real. Oh well, I get to be with my family!  

LENET: “During quarantine, I have really enjoyed watching the show, DEVS– a blend of sci-fi, suspense, and theoretical physics. For those who love Westworld or The Matrix, I highly recommend watching this! It really makes you think twice about the concepts behind the show and the soundtrack is also amazing.” 

MARJORIE: In our house, we need to find something that appeals to a 12-year-old and her parents. We started out with Nat Geo documentaries, like Free Solo, and Disney Nature Features, like Dolphin Reef. As weeks wore on, our interests shifted. We missed sports and found All American. It is like Friday Night Lights – football, family, drama. We loved it. It had just enough soapy factor to make it an easy watch. Right now, we don’t want anything too heavy. Plus, Taye Diggs is one of the leads. And who doesn’t like that? 

ALYSE: I’m an avid movie watcher! Since movie theaters are closed, I purchased a mini projector to enhance the at-home movie experience for me and my friends. On top of that, we typically connect the projector to a large speaker to produce a “surround sound” movie theater vibe to our at-home movie experience. Here is a list of some of the movies we’ve watched so far: The Dark Knight (2008), Joker (2019), The Shining (1980), Doctor Sleep (2019)Get Out (2017)Us (2019), and much more! I would recommend these movies to anyone who is a big fan of psychological thrillers/suspense/horror.” 

DOUG: For the quarantine my TV provider turned on the DIY network so we have been watching a lot of renovation type shows like Maine Cabin MastersRestorationInsane Pools: Off the Deep EndPool KingsFixer to FabulousFixer UpperBarnwood Builders, all those shows just blow my mind. I will have to check out DEVS and All American. 

KRISTEN: 90% of the time that the TV is on in my house, Disney+ is playing. My family loves watching classics like Sleeping Beauty and Dumbo. The Star Wars collection is pretty great too. Everyone of all ages can find something fun on Disney+. 

ALEX: We just finished up Superstore which we have loved so far. I met my wife working in Target and they definitely nailed some of the people you see while working there. That show is for anyone that is a fan of The Office or Parks and Recreation. We also just finished the latest season of Wentworth which is about an Australian women’s prison. If you like Orange Is the New Black then you would like Wentworth. Oh and of course we are watching The Office for about the 50th time.” 

ARIEL: “Kid TV time is a rarity in our house (Waldorf nerds, here), and we don’t have TV service so it’s rough for kids around here, usually. Anyone else have a 7-year-old who can knit and mold beeswax like a champ? Now that we’re on lockdown, after kid bed time, hubby and I have been digging through our extensive repertoire of nostalgic comedies: Wayne’s WorldBill & Ted’s Excellent AdventureA Fish Called Wanda….and we’ve also watched a few with our daughter – GooniesBack to the FutureLabyrinth.  When I watch things on my own, I binge late into the night. I love dark dramas and documentaries: Recently Watched Fleabag in 2 days. Probably my favorite show to date. Just finished Season 3 of Ozark…so bad and so good!  

ANGEL: We’ve been watching Bob’s Burgers and at night we have been watching the Witcher on Netflix and enjoying that. Definitely not for kids though.