While we all have our differing work styles, we generally share the desire to be as productive as possible while we’re at work. And believe it or not, the space we’re in has a lot to do with how well we actually complete our work. If you want to increase your productivity in just a few simple steps, follow these tips! 

1. Get rid of the clutter. 

Our minds can be cluttered enough – you don’t need visual clutter, too! Clear your desks of knick-knacks, file away your paper scraps, and create space for the magic to happen. Scatterbrain, be gone! 

2. Plant your roots.

Indoor plants are a popular addition to homes and offices, but have you ever thought about why? A little bit of greenery has been shown to increase creativity and productivity. Bring a little life into your space by decorating with one of these perfect indoor plants.

3. Get personal. 

Give your area a personal touch like only you can! Personalizing your workspace helps to provide an emotional connection to your work and to feel attached to your desk. Include personal items like a photo of your family, a quote that motivates you, or a decoration in your favorite color. 

4. Crank up the tunes. 

Choosing the right music can help you amplify your creativity and get in the zone for creating your best work. For some music ideas from classical to video game soundtracks, check out this post from Hubspot. 

 5. Know when to get out of your workspace.

It’s important to recognize when you’ve hit a productivity wall and get up for a short break. A walk around the block or a breath of fresh air will help you gain perspective on the work you’re doing. 

Have any more suggestions for creating your most productive workspace? Let us know!