Who doesn’t love when a customer is so connected to a brand that they promote it without even realizing it? From outdoor adventure sports to apparel to fitness, we often see customers who don gear, sweatshirts, hats, and stickers – effectively promoting these brands for the companies. 

Using branded swag works for industries beyond the ones we listed. And, while the swag options are endless, the use of stickers is one of the easiest, and most cost effective, ways to allow customers to promote a brand. Stickers have a high value with a low cost. The lifespan of a sticker can be long – think about a soccer camp that hands out stickers to its players? Players affix stickers to water bottlers or computers and carry them around for years! #hello #longtermloyalty

Stickers also have the ability to bond those with similar interests. When you see someone who has an affiliation for something you care about, there is often an immediate connection. Stickers are able to start conversations and allow strangers to create relationships through brand recognition. 

You can also be creative! A sticker is a great way to expand on a campaign theme in a fun and colorful way. Maybe your logo has something fun (like a splash – yes, WitMark!) or a company is running a holiday-themed campaign (think Santa wearing a suit in your branded colors). Combining your branded spin on a sticker can reinforce a marketing campaign. 

Stickers can also develop a culture and drive identity. Aviator Nation has a very clear identity – laid back, 70s, surf, vibe. With each order placed, Aviator Nation includes a sticker that enhances this vibe and shows how a customer lives the brand culture. In addition, if you sell a product, like clothing, adding a free sticker as a thank you goes a long way to building positive customer satisfaction but does not negatively impact the bottom line. 

Our team always loves the opportunity to be a little creative with stickers.  Pro Tip: If you are interested in custom logo stickers​​, you have to check out Sticker Mule. If you want to build some creative sticker strategies into your next marketing campaign, connect with us!