If you watched Superbowl LIV this past weekend, you might have seen Facebook’s first ever national commercial air during the fourth quarter. With Twisted Sister’s “We Wanna Rock” playing in the background, the commercial used the tune as a launching point to showcase people who love to rock. From stone sculptors, to rocking chairs enthusiasts, to those who want to hang by the lake and skip a stone, all these users can find their place with others in Facebook Groups. As a part of Facebook’s larger campaign, “Grow Together,” the ad focuses on the Facebook Group feature and the diverse ways in which it can be used to unite people and build community online and IRL. 

Facebook’s timing and placement of this ad during one of the most watched sporting events in the world signifies the importance of this feature and prompts the question: How important will Facebook Groups be in 2020 and how can I make sure my business or brand benefits?

We’ve listed the reasons why Facebook Groups are an important way to understand your customer and why they should be a part of your social strategy:

You Can Connect on a Personal Level 

Facebook Groups are a more casual space. You can use this as an opportunity to connect with your audience in a friendlier manner, such as asking for feedback or posting a poll. The group allows your audience to get to know the people behind the business and let the consumer voice be heard. This is the cornerstone of Facebook. It was built for social engagement and interaction. If a consumer has engaged with the brand, they want to communicate with that business and its people directly. This is an opportunity to not only deliver relevant content in their feed, but it also gives you insight into your customer profile. Be smart about who from your business can interact. Facebook Groups posts must come from personal accounts so the individuals who represent your business must be carefully considered. 

You Build Loyalty and Credibility

Create a Facebook Group centered around your business or brand’s most enthusiastic target audience. When people who are loyal to the brand get a chance to interact with each other, it creates a space in which members form meaningful connections with your business. These connections can motivate loyalists to speak highly about your business to others, and become brand advocates. Even more, this gives a business an opportunity to create a community.  Make the community a safe and welcoming place so establish clear rules to keep this feeling like a supportive community. 

This :60 Super Bowl ad allowed Facebook to share its message loud and clear. Now more than ever, the future of marketing falls heavily on a meaningful user experience and genuine connection to the business. We look forward to seeing how engagement continues to grow!