Near or far, WitMark Marketing & Branding Group is full of talented, motivated women. As the world celebrates the contributions of the female presence on this earth today, we’re celebrating the perspectives and insight of our WitMark women! The theme for International Women’s Day this year is Balance for Better, and we asked the females around us what balance looks like for them, their families, and their communities. The future is exciting – here’s to building it together. Happy International Women’s Day! 

Marjorie Large, Co-Founder and Senior Strategist

I am the opposite of balanced. My personality type just doesn’t allow for it. I tend to over-focus on one thing for too long and may even neglect other areas that should get more focus. I eventually shift and make up for it but my life will always be a little off kilter, and I am ok with that.  While many strive for moderation, or a perfectly prioritized lifestyle, I know that I can never achieve that. That doesn’t mean that balance is not important, or that I don’t value it. After years of evaluating and understanding what balance could mean, I have decided it is personal. For me, it means that I will always strive to show my daughter, my husband, my clients, my team… a balance of leadership, innovation, partnership, guidance, trust, friendship, understanding, humor, and appreciation (and so many more things I still am searching to define).  In 2019, I hope that we all, regardless of gender, find the respect in one another to search out a balance of traits that lead to teamwork and success.  

Allison Callis, Co-Founder and Senior Strategist

It’s wonderful to me to celebrate the incredible women in my life and on our team! We are so lucky to work with such talented people who represent many walks of life. These woman are working, raising children, grandchildren, going to school and traveling the world as well as doing meaningful service that make important contributions to life ansociety.  

Balance is like walking a tight rope over Niagara Falls. I seek to be a leaf in the stream in my spirit and in my daily practical life a person with a deep sense of structure and gratitude. I truly seek inspiration, vision and analysis of what works and doesn’t rather than perfect balance. I think it’s a bit silly to worry about that in an ever evolving, dynamic sometimes explosive universe.   

too have had great leadership from both women and men. They have shaped who I am in the world. If anything I can offer my two son’s is the example of a powerful woman who carry’s the legacy of those great leaders and contributes beyond what may be expected and is never limited. I want that for them too.

Haley Johnson, Media Assistant

I feel lucky to be surrounded by the women that I am. From the woman who raised me, to the girls I grew up alongside, to the incredible professional mentors I’ve had, to everyone else I’ve met along the way, I couldn’t be more inspired by the way these women have shaped me and how they are shaping their worlds. They speak out about what they believe, seek excellence in the work they do across sectors and industries, push themselves towards their goals and dreams, and show up in their relationships. In 2019, I’m looking forward to the way that women are balancing for better, bringing everyone into the conversation, and keeping an eye on the big picture. I think the future looks like a lot like the curiosity, cognizance, and courage I see around me and strive for, myself – and that’s exciting. 

Lenet Ron, Media Assistant

Balance is embodying the perspective of having equal value for all the different realms in my life – whether it’s professional or personal. I strive to dedicate the same amount of intention, commitment, and grace into work just as much as leisure because I believe both work and play contribute to the quality of living. Beyond my personal life, balance is understanding that others around me – regardless of gender or role – have equal value. The hostess seating me at my table deserves the same respect and regard as my colleague discussing our next project. Hence, I think #BalanceforBetter encompasses not only achieving gender equality, but striving towards equality in general. I see #BalanceforBetter as an extension of how I show up in my personal life; it is showing up and respecting people of all roles, genders, skin colors, and religions because all of these aspects contribute to our multifaceted experience of life.