A little bit of “out-of-the-box” thinking can go a long way. Operating in a highly competitive market demands creativity and innovation – a key distinction in the success of a company. Having a creative solution to a pressing problem will foster future business success that ultimately reflects and encourages a unique company culture.  

“The thing we fear most in organizations—fluctuations, disturbances, imbalances— are the primary sources of creativity.” – Margaret J. Wheatley 

Our creativity lies in what we fear the most – change. However, change may be what your company needs. For instance, staying up to date with technology and client needs are ways your company can actively transform, whether in its offerings, processes, or communications. Without creative risk-taking, there is no change…and when there is no change, there is no place for a successful business. 

How does a successful business actively foster creative thinking? We’ve compiled are few tips on how to encourage creative thinking that will help your company outperform competitors: 

  1. Question EVERYTHING
    First and foremost, it is without-a-doubt imperative to question EVERYTHING. Challenging your current perspective as well as the perspective of others will pave way for original thinking. Act on your doubts by questioning those around you and getting feedback from outside professionals and consultants. Insightful and proactive questioning drives creative problem solving – it helps us unfold the roots of a problem. 
  2. Brainstorm and share ideas
    Creative problem solving requires brainstorming and sharing ideas. It is the best way to get everyone in a creative mindset.  Collaboration not only gives your team a sense of ownership, but it also avoids the potential of team members working in silos. The best results from brainstorming and collaboration are that it encourages new and exciting ideas. 
  3. Encourage team crossover
    Creativity should be encouraged from all ends of a business. Similarly, a collaborative team crossover approach to brainstorming and sharing ideas will boost business creativity to unprecedent levels. Working with the different departments/divisions of your company will create a sense of a unified company culture, as well as bring new ideas to the table. Combining creative minds will work wonders. 
  4. Embrace failure
    Oftentimes, people steer away from unconventional thinking in fear of disapproval from others. Don’t let fear get in the way of your creative potential. It is important to use constructive criticism in any and all work environments whether it be you, a coworker or your boss. Not only does constructive criticism allow employers to embrace failure, but it also encourages a unique company culture that actively fosters creative thinking. 
  1. Reward creativity
    Lastly, companies that reward creative input show that they value it. This will help build a culture of creative thinking. An atmosphere where new ideas are respected and failure is not a looked down is the key to creative, innovation, and most importantly, success. 

At WitMark, we believe everyone should make a splash! We encourage our team to do so when we from our internally meetings developing comprehensive marketing strategies to suggesting new technologies that streamline internal processes.