“No real social change has ever been brought about without a revolution… revolution is but thought carried into action.” ~ Emma Goldman

 In a time where technology is so prevalent, we need to acknowledge the power of social media in igniting revolutions. Oftentimes people are quick to speak on the negative impacts of social media and the possible decline of face-to-face communication skills. Yes, it is true that if one spends an unhealthy amount of time on social media, they may lack communication skills in other areas of their life, but if social media is used correctly, it can be extremely beneficial in allowing communities to connect and collaborate on strong ideas. 

In 2020, we are at a time of polarizing views and radical changes in society, a time where no unjust action can go unseen. Social media has allowed us to share the news we care about with people who listen and lead groups for a change. Social media platforms are giving a voice to those communities who previously struggled to share their mindset amongst a bigger group. The #metoo movement started with just one person tweeting their experience with sexual assault, and this movement transformed into a revolution for women to speak up against their abuser and form a strong front together.

Think about where you get your current news. Even if your main source is a reliable news organization, you probably can not disagree that one of the quickest ways to see what is going on in the world is through social media. All it takes for a shocking event to blow up in mainstream media is one post on a social platform. People rally behind their beliefs and go to work to share and post about a cause they align with so that hopefully, the rest of society will join alongside them. 

We need social change. It is imperative that as society grows, we are adapting and changing to the world’s socio-political climate. Yes, it can be easy to get stuck in our ways and stay in a bubble of our direct social network, but easy is not always good. We need social media to burst this bubble and expand our social networks beyond 1st-degree connections. We need to hear about the issues of other cultures, so we can come together and support those who need it most. 

Before being quick to judge social media, we need to remember that everything is best in moderation. If we use social media as a powerful tool for constructive change, we can tap into non-violent revolutions. All it takes to start a revolution is a group of people who stand behind a belief enough to bring it to society’s eye. Let’s use social media to come together as a united front to bring positive change to our world.